We use our hands and upper extremities every day. Pain and disability in your shoulders, elbows, wrists or hands can greatly affect your everyday tasks, your work, and your recreational activities. Seeing a hand and upper extremity specialist can help to alleviate these issues.

Dr. S. R. Brown is a board certified orthopaedic surgeon specializing in hand and upper extremity surgery. In addition to her orthopaedic surgery training, Dr. Brown completed subspecialty training in hand and upper extremity surgery. She offers the latest and most advanced treatments for conditions and injuries affecting the hands, wrists, shoulders and elbows.

Dr. Brown treats a range of conditions affecting the hands and upper extremities, from arthritis and genetic conditions to fractures and injuries caused by sports or accidents. If surgery is needed, Dr. Brown utilizes an outpatient surgical facility, which allows patients to avoid the hospital and return home the same day.

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Arthritis of the Hand & Wrist

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition that can cause significant pain and disability in the finger joints and wrists. Initial treatment of osteoarthritis is conservative, including anti-inflammatory medications, natural supplements, bracing, and cortisone injections. If hand and wrist arthritis pain does not improve with nonsurgical treatment, Dr. Brown is trained in surgical intervention, including joint replacement for arthritis at the base of the thumb, which is one of the most common locations for arthritis of the upper extremity.

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Carpal & Cubital Tunnel Treatment

Carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes are caused by nerve compression at the wrist (carpal tunnel) or elbow (cubital tunnel). These conditions can cause numbness and tingling in the fingers, as well as hand weakness. Initial treatment is nonsurgical for both carpal and cubital tunnel syndromes, including anti-inflammatories, bracing, cortisone injections and at-home stretches. However, if the condition continues to affect a patient’s life or work, surgery may be an option. Dr. Brown is experienced in the latest surgical techniques, including minimally invasive endoscopic carpal tunnel release, which may provide a quicker recovery in eligible patients.

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Dupuytren’s Disease

Dupuytren’s disease is a genetic condition in which the fascia in the hands begins to thicken and tighten, pulling on the overlying skin and causing one or more of the fingers to contract. While this condition is typically not painful, extreme contracture may affect a person’s everyday life, causing them to seek treatment. Dr. Brown offers a newer, noninvasive treatment called Xiaflex for Dupuytren’s disease. Xiaflex is a noninvasive injection that can be effective in breaking up contracted tissue in the hand, while offering a quicker recovery time than surgery. The Xiaflex injections are performed in the office. Dr. Brown also offers surgical procedures for Dupuytren’s Disease, if indicated.

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Hand Trauma

Hand trauma includes fractures and lacerations that may occur due to an accident, injury, or sports activity. While initial care for hand trauma is often given at the emergency room or urgent care clinic, patients often need to see a hand surgeon for followup treatment. Dr. Brown completed her training at a Level I trauma facility and often takes care of patients who have hand fractures or lacerations that have resulted in a tendon or nerve injury. If you suspect you may have a traumatic hand injury, particularly a tendon or nerve injury, it is important to seek treatment from a qualified hand specialist as soon as possible to avoid permanent damage to the hand.

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